Coworking offices set for key site in Malaga's port

View of the quayside and the unit at Muelle Uno.
View of the quayside and the unit at Muelle Uno. / ÑITO SALAS
  • Authorities are already working to change the land's designation to permit this new development, but this process could be a long one

The quayside in Malaga's port could soon host a coworking centre in a prime empty unit, currently home to a temporary 3D Trick Gallery and Lego exhibition.

Since the Muelle Uno marina development opened in 2011, the corner space has been officially designated as an area "for resident and tourist use", meaning shops, restaurants, and other leisure sites are permitted, but offices are not.

As such, the port authorities have already begun studying the necessary steps to change the area's designation in order to permit this new project to begin. This process may take up to a year.

The interested party is Urbania International, which wants to open a coworking centre on the so-called golden corner next to the Pompidou art gallery.