Suspect in Dana killing inquiry says blood came from ham-cutting accident

Sergio Ruiz arriving at court
Sergio Ruiz arriving at court / SUR
  • Sergio Ruiz, the boyfriend of Dana Leonte and chief suspect in her murder case, insists her hand slipped while she was cutting ham

Further details have been revealed of the court appearance by Sergio Ruiz, the 38-year-old accused of murdering his girlfriend, Dana Leonte, 31.

When asked by the judge why there were traces of Dana's blood around the property they shared in Arenas, he said the knife had slipped while she was cutting ham, and he explained blood detected in the bath as a cut that occurred while shaving her legs.

Ruiz denied hitting Dana with a wooden stick, saying a strand of her hair was on it because the stick was "always on the floor and she shed a lot of hair". The police believe Ruiz murdered his girlfriend and sent himself WhatsApp messages from her phone to give himself an alibi after her death.