Pullmantur returns to Malaga's cruise port with autumn programme

The Horizon will make five departures in the coming weeks.
The Horizon will make five departures in the coming weeks. / SUR
  • The company has highlighted the attractiveness of Malaga as a base for its ships and the strengths of the city

A cruise line specialising in the Spanish-speaking market is returning to the port of Malaga. Pullmantur will be basing its cruise ship Horizon in the city for a series of departures this autumn. Five cruises will set sail between 20 October and 21 November, taking in different destinations around the Mediterranean and North Atlantic, including Morocco, the cities of Italy and the eastern Mediterranean.

Prior to the arrival of Horizon, another ship from the company, the Zenith, was in port on Wednesday with 1,400 passengers on board. It's the first stop that it made after spending the summer in the seas of northern Europe. Passengers disembarked and some visited Malaga while others planned excursions to towns along the Costa del Sol, including Marbella and Mijas, as well as inland places, such as Antequera.

The company is the only one dedicated to Spanish-speaking customers .

President and CEO of Pullmantur Cruceros, Richard J. Vogel, said, "We are delighted to return to Malaga, a port that is highly valued by our passengers and that we always consider when designing new routes." He continued, "Its closeness to the historic centre, its good facilities and its strategic location are aspects that work in its favour".

One of the routes operating will be Essence of Italy, and another will visit the Atlantic coast of Morocco and Portugal, while a third will go as far as Athens and Crete leaving from Malaga.