Malaga greengrocer held for financing wanted Jihadist faces ten years in jail

Fouad was arrested last year.
Fouad was arrested last year. / SALVADOR SALAS
  • The man, accused of sending 6,000 euros to his wife - "one of the most dangerous terrorists in Europe" - stands trial at the end of this month

A former greengrocer in Calle Eugenio Gross in Malaga, faces a ten-year jail sentence for an alleged offence of financing terrorism.

Fouad L. was arrested last year after it was discovered that he was married to, and had sent money to, Fadoua H, "one of the most dangerous and wanted terrorists in Europe", according to the report by the Public Prosecution Department.

The man is expected to stand trial at the end of this month. He is accused of sending 6,329.80 euros via Western Union to his wife to cover the cost of her travel to Turkey and Syria to join the Jihadists.

According to the investigation, Fouad L. was aware of his partner's criminal activity as a Jihadist and he concealed his financial support from the authorities. Fadoua H. is thought to have fought in the area under Daesh control and is considered a real threat to public security.