New regulations are established in response to growth in bars in Torremolinos

A bar in Torremolinos.
A bar in Torremolinos. / SUR
  • Rules established by the council ensure that tables and chairs match and that furniture from bars does not occupy too great an area of the streets

In an attempt to put the brakes on the ever increasing occupation of its streets by bars, restaurants and other businesses, Torremolinos council has passed new rules regulating the setting up of tables, chairs, awnings and illuminated signs in the streets. Cuesta del Tajo, Bajondillo and La Carihuela are the three areas affected.

The new reform stipulates that furniture placed in the street by bars and restaurants should be of a "special quality, with uniform characteristics", and that the tables and chairs should match. In addition to listing permitted furniture colours, the council also specifies that tables should occupy less than 50 per cent of a street's width, and that pedestrians should be allowed at least two metres by which to pass. Restaurant furniture is strictly forbidden in streets where pavements measure less than two metres wide.

The reform extends to signage, and in La Carihuela, one of the most touristic areas of Torremolinos, only shop signs are allowed on the promenade.