Manilva council calls for investors to take over abandoned housing developments

Half-finished blocks of apartments in the Peñoncillo area of Manilva.
Half-finished blocks of apartments in the Peñoncillo area of Manilva. / CHARO MÁRQUEZ
  • The council wants to turn its back on the race to build more, and instead concentrate on quality and sustainability for local residents

Half-built or empty housing developments are a blight on Manilva's landscape and a throwback to when the last real estate bubble burst some ten years ago.

Last year the local town hall calculated that there were some 3,000 unused apartments or villas in that position, half of them vandalised. Now councillors want to sort the problem for good.

Councillor for Town Planning, Marcos Ruiz, believes that the municipality has 2.5 million square metres of land classified for development and available to investors, with space for 5,787 homes. "But the priority isn't to build on more land but to finish what has already been constructed and authorised," he said.

He added that there are investment funds that are now looking to spend money in several locations, including: the upper part of Martagina; near the beach next to the old campsite; planning sectors MA 6 and MA 7 behind the church; and the Peñoncillo road next to the golf course.

The council insists that investors have to guarantee that the roads, utilities, green spaces and other public infrastructure are finished as well before agreeing to completing the homes.

"We want to get away from the race to develop Manilva and focus on bringing quality and sustainabilty for our local residents," said the councillor.

To finish off all the incomplete homes could cost some three billion euros, he said, adding that Manilva had seen a lot of real estate activity recently, including over the quieter summer month.