Town hall estimates 20 hectares were burned in Marbella fire

The flames seen from the AP-7 toll motorway.
The flames seen from the AP-7 toll motorway. / JOSELE
  • Forty homes were evacuated on Thursday night last week as the fire ravaged the area between the Bello Horizonte development and the AP-7 motorway

Marbella town hall estimates that the fire on scrubland near the Bello Horizonte development on Thursday night last week (22 August) destroyed a total of 20 hectares (49 acres) of land.

Emergency services began receiving reports of smoke, that could be seen as far away as Puerto Banús, at around 8.20pm.

Forty homes were evacuated as a safety precaution as the fire blazed close to the AP-7 motorway.

According to Infoca, the body responsible for the control and prevention of forest fires, 70 firefighters were deployed to the site.

The warnings caused some residents to move their vehicles as a precaution, while others used their own hosepipes to dampen the dry grass around them and prevent the further spread of the flames.

Local Police officer Juan Carlos Bo Morilla, who was off duty at the time, told SUR: "I took the hose to wet the dry grass and contribute in whatever way I could."

One of those evacuated, Alejandro Pino, explained how he "took the dogs and fled", concerned about how the fire would develop.

At about 8am on Friday morning, Infoca announced that the fire was under control.

This fire broke out just a day after a hillside blaze in neighbouring Estepona, which destroyed 330 hectares (815 acres), was brought under control.