Environmental checks carried out ahead of Brick Beach project in Mezquitilla

A technician from the Aula del Mar with María José Roberto.
A technician from the Aula del Mar with María José Roberto. / EUGENIO CABEZAS
  • The two parties that make up Vélez-Málaga's coalition disagree on the best site for the treatment plant which will turn rubble into sand

Vélez-Málaga's councillor responsible for the Brick Beach project, María José Roberto, accompanied technicians from Malaga's Aula del Mar on a site visit to Mezquitilla, the beach where the project will be carried out, earlier this week.

Spokespersons from the Aula del Mar said that they were carrying out "regular environmental checks" of the beach and coastal area of Mezquitilla, which belongs to Vélez-Málaga, ahead of the European Union-funded project, which aims to regenerate the beach using treated building rubble.

The Aula del Mar has been running tests at different times of year to look into seasonal changes in the ecosystem of the area, so that when the project starts, the environmental impact will be "minimum on the habitats and coastal systems."

The project, which is waiting for the go ahead from the regional Junta de Andalucia, is set to receive four million euros from the EU.

There is no agreement between the two parties that make up the coalition formation at Vélez-Málaga town hall over the location of the rubble treatment plant, which will turn the building waste into sand to be used on the beach.

The Socialist PSOE party want to situate it in the Taramillas areas of Torre del Mar. However, Torre del Mar's GIPMTM independent party argue that the site is too close to a residential area in the town and that the plant would cause noise pollution as well as create high levels of dust, which they say would have a negative impact on residents' health. The GIPMTM party wants the plant to be built next to Vélez-Málaga's existing sewage treatment plant instead.