Council aims to get ahead and start 2020 with annual budget in place

  • The head of the Hacienda revenue department has also said that Marbella is one of the better councils for paying its invoices

The department in charge of running Marbella town hall's annual finances, Hacienda, has, for the first time, issued a planning schedule for compiling the municipality's planned expenditure for next year.

According to the dates, approved on Monday, councillors have until October to get initial approval to the 2020 budgets from opposition members of the council, before a final vote in December.

Councillor for Hacienda, Félix Romero said that his aim was to go the same way "as other [conservative] PP councils" and have everything ready for 1 January.

It is not unusual for council executives, whatever the political party they belong to, to still be discussing annual budgets well into the next calendar year.

"Good at paying its bills"

Romero also stressed on Monday that Marbella is among the best local councils in terms of the average length of time it takes to pay an invoice to a supplier.

He said that currently the council pays its bills between 19 and 23 days from the date of issue, comfortably below the 30-day maximum stated by law.

This figure, however, is higher than other years, which the councillor put down to differences in the phasing of the invoice payments.