British hiker dies on Marbella's famous La Concha mountain

La Concha can become a very hot ascent in summer months.
La Concha can become a very hot ascent in summer months. / JOSELE
  • The 62-year-old man had alerted his family in the UK that he was in trouble via WhatsApp and Spanish rescuers were called out last Saturday

A British man who went out climbing on La Concha mountain last Saturday, 10 August, was found dead by emergency services on Sunday.

The 62-year-old started his ascent of the peak overlooking Marbella on Saturday morning, sources said, but in the afternoon apparently got into trouble and used WhatsApp to alert family back in the UK.

The relatives got in touch with British authorities immediately and National Police received an alert from the British Consulate in Malaga at around 4pm, triggering a Guardia Civil search and rescue operation.

By coincidence, the same day, three French walkers also got into trouble in the area, leading to another mountain rescue operation with support from the air. They were found and taken to Istán by helicopter while the operation to find the British man continued.

However the man could not be found and at 8.30pm the helicopter had to be grounded as the light failed. Emergency services on the ground continued their work.

The body of the British man was spotted shortly after 9am the next morning in a steep area of the Sierra Blanca. First signs were that he had fallen, getting caught in the straps of his backpack and that he may have been strangled by them. A full forensic investigation is under way.

La Concha is a popular hike from Marbella or the Refugio Juanar car park, near Ojén. It is known for its coastal views, but the path can be tricky and becomes hot in summer.