Private-hire driver arrested in Fuengirola for 'inventing' kidnap tale after spending earnings on sex

The driver reported the kidnapping at Fuengirola police station.
The driver reported the kidnapping at Fuengirola police station. / SUR
  • Police believe the man, who said he had been kidnapped and forced to act against his will, spent a total of 1,800 euros during a drug and orgy-filled 15 hours at a brothel

A private-hire vehicle driver has been arrested and charged with filing a false report of a kidnapping, reportedly concocted to hide the truth behind a night of drugs and orgies.

The driver had reported the supposed kidnapping at Fuengirola police station, accusing a client of robbing him of his company's earnings at knife-point, before taking him to a local brothel, where he had been held against his will and forced to take drugs.

The alarming details did not stop there; the driver reported that once all of the money had been spent on prostitutes, the client forced him to travel by taxi to a friend's house where he was to sell a motorbike. The money earned was then spent on further revelry at the brothel. The driver accused the client of then keeping him hostage in a storage room for several hours when the night came to an end.

Despite originally believing the driver's tale and arresting the accused, police became suspicious when interviews with workers at the club and the taxi driver, who had driven the two companions to sell the motorbike, offered a very different version of the story. Witnesses said that the driver had not been forced to act against his will at any point during the night.

The driver has since been arrested over fabricating the crime. Investigators believe that, having taken the company earnings himself and having spent them at the brothel with his companion, who he was already acquainted with before the event, the driver reported his companion and invented the tale in an attempt to explain the missing money and his absence that day.

Police estimate that a total of 1,800 euros was spent by the driver on sex and drugs during the 15 hours at the brothel. According to the testimony of the taxi driver who drove the two companions to the house where they sold the motorbike, the sale amounted to 1,050 euros. The reveller also allegedly took another 600 euros he had in his pocket, and spent a further 100 euros on the night, taken from tips earned in his vehicle.