Polish man in loincloth arrested after "brushing up to kids" in water play park

The man being led away.
The man being led away. / SUR
  • One mother told officers that the garment was very small and "badly put on, exposing his penis"

Police have been giving details of the arrest of a 29-year-old Polish man on 25 July after parents became alarmed about his revealing loincloth and attitude towards their children in a water play park.

The incident happened on the promenade on the western side of Malaga city as families were enjoying the water feature.

The man was wearing a "very small" loincloth that was "badly put on, exposing his penis", according to one mother. Witnesses said that he had "brushed up" against their children.

A senior Malaga city council official, who is also a Local Police officer on sabbatical, happened to be at the popular beachside play area and held on to the man until his colleagues arrived. The man insulted those present with offensive language as he was led away.

People in the area reported that moments before the incident in the water play park, the man had been going into nearby bars and cafes asking for money "in an intimidating way".