PTA 'metrobus' gets 300 daily passengers, much fewer than predicted

The PTA metrobus.
The PTA metrobus. / SUR
  • The service will be suspended for the August holidays before starting up again in September

The new 'metrobus' which links the final stop on the Malaga Metro to the Parque Tecnológico Andalucía (PTA) has now completed its first phase of operation ahead of a pause for August when the majority of companies on the park close.

Though a number of complaints have been registered regarding this pause, the uptake on the service during its first three months of operation has been well below expected levels.

So far, 20,000 people have used this service since it was first put into operation on 22 April - an average of 300 per day, well below the predicted 1,000 daily users.

A survey carried out by the University of Malaga (UMA) on behalf of the Malaga municipal transport company (EMT) found that the primary reason the service's lack of popularity was price (2.20 euros for a return trip, including a trip on the metro from the city centre). EMT boss Miguel Ruiz said: "Not all salaries at the PTA are high so this is a significant amount of money."

As a result, the EMT will propose that the bus should be free to workers as well as a series of proposals including adjusting the timetables to better suit working hours.