Giant remote-controlled flower pots to solve tricky Estepona traffic problem

Council official inspect the next-generation street barriers.
Council official inspect the next-generation street barriers. / C. MÁRQUEZ
  • The new, solar-powered additions to the Garden of the Costa del Sol are on wheels and are on trial to see how effective they are

As locals and visitors all know, there's no shortage of flower pots on the streets of Estepona. After all, the seaside town lays claim to the title of Garden of the Costa del Sol.

But the world of flower pots doesn't stand still for long. The town hall has just installed the next generation of plant holder as it moves to solve a street-barrier problem.

The giant, remote-controlled flower pots on wheels have been put in place as a trial on central Calle Terraza. Old town streets are often closed off using big plant holders to give priority to pedestrians. And now the difficulty of moving these heavy containers quickly to allow vehicles through appears to have been solved.

The six new wheelie plant holders have solar panels on the side to generate power and can be controlled remotely by Local Police officers and council workers, who guide them to one side to clear the way for vehicles.

The town hall will monitor the effectiveness of the new roaming flower pots with a view to rolling them out to other parts of the town where barriers are also needed at the end of streets.

However council officials are quick to point out that all the traditional pots aren't going to be replaced as those are somewhat better looking.

Spanish record

Estepona aims to be the Spanish town or city with the most flower pots in its streets. Last year it was aiming to have 20,000 decorating public thoroughfares to create an image of a typical Andalusian town in bloom. It's now up to the six remote-controlled newcomers to prove that they can fit in as part of the Estepona flower pot team.