Costa maximum temperatures were almost two degrees warmer than normal in July

Tourists enjoying a reserved sunbed area in Marbella.
Tourists enjoying a reserved sunbed area in Marbella. / JOSELE
  • Meteorologists blame the rise on global warming and prevailing westerly winds off the land on some days

Temperatures on the Costa continue their upward climb, with above-average highs in July. Provisional data from the Aemet weather station, at El Cónsul near Malaga Airport, shows that the average daily maximum temperature was 32.4 degrees last month, 1.9 degrees more than the 1980-2010 average.

Also rising were the nighttime minimum temperatures, as many who had trouble sleeping last month already know. Average lows were 22.6 degrees, 1.6 degrees more than usual.

Overall, the meteorologists at the station near the airport, which is the reference point for the whole province, have classed July as "very warm".

Apart from climate change, the increase is being put down to more westerly winds than easterly last month, bringing warmer air to the Malaga city area off the land. While record highs haven't been achieved, meaning the general perception in the street is that temperatures aren't much more than normal, prevailing westerlies lasted several days, pushing the average up.

The forecast is that August will also be a particularly warmer month than average.