Marbella council initiates clamp down on use of electric scooters

Marbella's promenade.
Marbella's promenade. / JOSELE
  • The maximum speed permitted for vehicles with up to 250 watts power is ten km/h

The council in Marbella is continuing its attempts to create an electric-scooter-free resort, and set it apart from competitor towns on the Costa.

This week, the town hall has sent out a temporary order on where scooters can be used with a view to a full bylaw being approved in September.

The order makes it clear that these types of vehicles cannot be used on pavements, roads, hard shoulders, parks or squares. Electric scooters or similar can only be used on cycle lanes, paths used by bikes, driveable areas of the Paseo Marítimo and on the earth-paved area of the same promenade. During the summer months, July to September, the paved marble area of the promenade cannot be accessed.

Up to 250 watts

The order also reminds users that the maximum speed permitted is 10 km/h, covering anything with up to 250 watts power. This also includes segways and hoverboards.

Above 250 watts, vehicles have to have a registration plate.

Children's scooters, going up to 6 km/h, are excluded however and can still go on the pavements.

So far, the council has only authorised rental operators where customers are forced to return scooters to a fixed base, and it has refused licences to ten companies for the alternative 'leave-it-anywhere' model.