Marbella updates its civil emergency and protection plan for the first time since 2007

  • The plan includes new guidelines on the search and rescue of missing persons

The emergency response and civil protection plan for the Marbella municipal area has been updated to bring it in line with new legislation and thinking.

The first plan of this type was approved by the council in 1995 but it hasn't been properly updated since 2007.

The plan will now include an inventory of the equipment and assets available to the emergency services; individual protection plans for particularly important or valuable buildings; new regulations on pollution of the shoreline; and guidelines on the search and rescue of missing persons.

The plan comes into force where the scale of the emergency is small enough for it to be covered by the town council's own resources, such as the Local Police, municipal fire service or town hall engineers. These could include fires, high winds, flooding or serious accidents.

If the emergency is larger, province- and region-wide plans swing into action, said the council.