Council using perfume in the streets to make them smell nicer this summer

Workers washing down the streets in Estepona old town.
Workers washing down the streets in Estepona old town. / C. MÁRQUEZ
  • Estepona has been giving details of the extra rubbish and cleaning measures as volume of waste soars 60 per cent

If you've detected a pleasant tang in the air while walking in Estepona recently, it isn't just because of the many flowers in the town known as the Garden of the Costa del Sol.

The council has taken to mixing citrus and fruit fragrances into the water used to give the streets their regular summer washdown and to create an extra "sensory experience" for locals and visitors.

The added fragrances have a serious purpose too. The town hall says the resort comes under increased pressure at this time of year with an increase of 60 per cent in rubbish and that it needs to try different solutions to keep the streets smelling fresh. It has also highlighted the extra rubbish collection and street cleaning teams at work over the summer to cope with the surge.