Woman held over killing of father and stabbing of mother

Neighbours discuss events outside the crime scene.
Neighbours discuss events outside the crime scene. / SUR
  • The police now believe the woman's intention was the end the life of her children too by leaving the gas tap on

A 45-year-old woman has been arrested in Malaga, accused of beating her father to death and stabbing her mother, who required hospital treatment.

The alarm was raised at 6am on Tuesday morning by the victims' grandchildren (the children of the alleged attacker) who were woken by the strong smell of gas coming from the gas tap in the kitchen that had been left open by the alleged assailant. They then discovered the scene and alerted the emergency services.

Upon arrival, they treated the woman, who was taken to hospital with a stab wound on her back, but could do nothing to save the life of the 71-year-old man. It has not yet been determined what the weapon to carry out the killy was - only that it was a blunt object - and that he was most likely attacked while asleep, or almost, in front of the television.

While officers searched the apartment, in the La Unión area of the city, for clues, family members tried to contact the mother of the children. As she was expected to collect them that night, that placed her at the scene at the time, said sources.

Eventually she was tracked down to an industrial estate in the area where she was found sitting beside her car, disorientated and in a state of shock. She was arrested and taken to the psychiatric ward of the Hospital Clínico for an examination.

The police believe that by leaving the gas tap open, the woman was also trying to end the life of her children.