Serial rapist admits to crimes but says it was "a bad time" for him

The accused during the trial in Malaga on Monday.
The accused during the trial in Malaga on Monday. / MIGUE FERNÁNDEZ
  • The Malaga man, who was snared by selfie shots and good detective work, will be sentenced to 51 years in prison

Standing in front of the judge at the Ciudad de la Justicia in Malaga on Monday, the so-called 'garage rapist of Teatinos' admitted to having committed all of the crimes of which he was accused.

According to the prosecution, the 28 year old rode his bicycle from car park to car park, gaining access before stealing from the vehicles inside them. However, taking advantage of the darkness and the surprise factor, he also "satisfied his sexual desires" and sexually assaulted women.

Despite admitting to all of the accusations, the defendant said that he had "remorse" for what had happened and causing "damage" to the victims. He then said that he had been going through "a bad time" which his lawyer said was characterised by drug addiction and "chaos".

He is set to be sentenced to 51-and a half years in prison for four sexual assaults, two attempted, and various thefts from vehicles in the Teatinos, Cruz de Humilladero and Huelin areas of Malaga city in 2014 and 2015.

He was eventually tracked down in part by unwittingly leading officers to him by two photographs he posted on social media giving away important clues. In the first selfie, the man is shown next to a red-striped bike matching a description by witnesses. In the second shot, he appeared in a lift and investigators were able to trace the location from the serial number and manufacturer to an address that he once occupied.