Mother gives town a defibrillator after son dies from a heart attack

Ana María, right, donates the machine to the town hall.
Ana María, right, donates the machine to the town hall. / C. M.
  • Ana María Peña, along with her son's former teacher, raised money through selling wristbands to be able to make the purchase

The son of Ana María Peña died at the age of 19 after suffering a heart attack practising his favourite sport. He died four years ago at the skate park at the El Carmen sports centre which from now on will be equipped with a defibrillator.

This is because Ana María on Tuesday presented the town hall with this potentially lifesaving machine after raising the around two thousands euros necessary. She did so after becoming convinced that her son would still be alive had he had access to a defibrillator and got in contact with a company selling them.

After selling 1,165 wristbands in Estepona, Manilva, Casares, Marbella, Algeciras and Rota with the help of one of her son's former teachers, she was able to make the purchase. "Nothing can bring my son back but hopefully now no other child will be in that same situation," she said.