Lawyers of landowner in Julen case appeal for more time

File photo of David Serrano, centre, with his lawyers.
File photo of David Serrano, centre, with his lawyers. / SUR
  • David Serrano's legal team have said that not all the results of tests have come back and that their client warned the family of possible risks

Following the judge's conclusion last Wednesday that David Serrano, owner of the land in Totalán where two-year-old Julen died, is guilty of homicide through gross negligence, Serrano's legal team, Lawbird Legal Services, have appealed the ruling. This is on the basis that not all of the results on various soil analyses and other tests being carried out have been confirmed. What's more, Serrano insists he warned Julen's parents of the risk of open bore holes on the land.

The request comes within the 10 days given by the judge for appeals and ahead of the six-month maximum time permitted for criminal investigations under Spain's 2015 criminal trial law.

If a case is considered to be very complex, the time allowed can be extended. If the lawyer's request is accepted, the investigation could carry on for a further 12 months.

The investigation into Julen's death started on 14 January, meaning that 14 July is the deadline for any type of appeal.