PP party threatens local revolt and to vote down Cs in Mijas

Ángel Nozal (PP) and Juan Carlos Maldonado (Cs) in 2015.
Ángel Nozal (PP) and Juan Carlos Maldonado (Cs) in 2015. / SUR
  • Pending a last-minute change of heart, Ángel Nozal of the Partido Popular could become mayor by default in today's councillors' vote, keeping out Juan Carlos Maldonado

What could happen today (5 July) in the council chamber of Mijas town hall, in Mijas Pueblo, was still unclear last night, as councillors gather to choose the municipality's mayor for the next four years.

Three different possible scenarios could play out today after the conservative Partido Popular's Ángel Nozal refused throughout this week to obey instructions from his regional and national leaders and back a power-sharing coalition with Ciudadanos (Cs).

Under the deal, which centrist Cs agree with, Juan Carlos Maldonado of Cs would be mayor for the first two years, followed by a Partido Popular (PP) mayor for two years. Responsibility for council departments would be shared out over the four years.

However Cs' refusal to allow Nozal to be mayor for the PP in the second two years has seen Nozal and his local councillors plan to disobey his party. Cs wants someone else as Nozal is currently under court investigation in eight corruption-related cases but denies wrongdoing.

Today's vote was delayed over an internal dispute in far-right Vox over who its single councillor would be.