Owner of oxen left in the sun "for hours" during popular San Juan festivities is reported

Photo of one of the oxen tied to the railing.
Photo of one of the oxen tied to the railing. / SUR
  • The oxen, tied to the railing with rope and chains, were left in temperatures exceeding 26 degrees.

The Grupo Animalista de Benalmádena has reported the owners of a group of oxen left tied to a railing in full sun during the town's San Juan celebrations on 16 June.

According to the complaint officially filed with the environmental prosecutor by the group's lawyer, Francisco Javier Lara, the animals were tied up using rope or chains less than 50 centimetres in length which prevented any movement. In addition, they were reportedly kept for several hours with no shade, neither natural or artificial, at a time when temperatures exceeded 26 degrees.

The report also implicated the Local Police who, when informed of the situation, refused to take any action as it didn't fall within their responsibilities.

Town hall sources have said that the oxen belonged to the company hired to provide animals for the 'romería' procession.

The same sources say the animals were tightly restrained, for no more than two hours, for the safety of passersby.