More than 700 animals have been abandoned in six months

More than 700 animals have been abandoned in six months
/ Migue Fernández
  • Of the animals left at the Malaga shelter, 672 were dogs and 114 were cats

In the first six months of this year the Sociedad Protectora de Animales y Plantas in Malaga has taken in 786 abandoned animals, of which 672 were dogs and 114 were cats.

They also rescued injured seagulls and pigeons, rabbits and tortoises. Most of the dogs and cats were brought to the centre by people who had found them, although 24 of the dogs and nine of the cats were returned after having been adopted.

On the positive side, however, the society also found homes in Malaga province or elsewhere in Spain for 406 dogs and 113 cats during those six months, and 135 dogs and 32 cats went to new homes abroad.

Thanks to microchips, 40 dogs and one cat who had gone missing were able to be returned to their owners.

The Society says many dogs are abandoned once the hunting season is over and are found wandering, and unwanted litters are also often dumped at its door.

"This can't go on. We can't cope with more nursing mothers, but people don't care about that," said sources there.