Malaga council installs sunshades to protect carriage-ride horses

The horses now have shade during the day.
The horses now have shade during the day. / SALVADOR SALAS
  • After angry comments on social media sites and complaints to the Animal Protection Society, the town hall reactivated the system used last year

The horse-drawn carriages which take tourists for trips around the city have a waiting area in Plaza de la Marina, among other places, but unfortunately in this location there is no shade and the summer sun beats down on all them all day.

Following numerous complaints from visitors and local residents who are concerned about the horses' welfare, the council has now decided to install sunshades to protect them.

Angry comments were posted on social media and complaints were made to the Protectora de Animales society whose president, Carmen Manzano, spoke to the Councillor for Mobility, José del Río, to warn him that the temperature is now too high for the horses to stand for hours with no shade.

He immediately reinitiated the system used last year, and has contracted the Verosa company, which is carrying out the works in La Alameda, to put the sunshades up at 9am every day and remove them at 7pm.