Inland mayors demand improvements to trains on Algeciras-Bobadilla line

Government representatives gathered at Ronda station.
Government representatives gathered at Ronda station. / V. MELGAR
  • They are asking the government to replace the rolling-stock after two of them caught fire following similar incidents in Extremadura

The mayors of Ronda, Algatocín, Gaucín, Júzcar and Jimera de Líbar, (María de la Paz Fernández, José Manuel López, Pedro Godino, Francisco Lozano and Francisco Javier Lobo respectively), joined up with other local representatives of the Partido Popular party at Ronda train station on Monday to demand improvements to the trains on the line between Algeciras and Bobadilla.

This came after two incidents at El Colmenar station in which carriages caught fire from beneath, producing flames and smoke. According to various sources, these trains had come from Extremadura where they were removed from service after similar incidents took place.

National MPs, Pablo Montesinos and Carolina España were also present to demand improvements. The former described the situation as "sad" and "unsustainable" and called for "the immediate removal of all trains in bad condition which are putting the safety of passengers at risk".

Gaucín mayor, Godino, also highlighted the fact that these trains were increasing the risk of forest fires and stressed that the train line passed through two natural parks.

"You could never imagine a plane at Malaga Airport catching fire, the fire being put out and then the plane being allowed to take off," he added.