Guardia Civil told to use all means possible in search for missing Dana Leonte

Officers search for Dana Leonte in the Axarquía area.
Officers search for Dana Leonte in the Axarquía area. / SUR
  • It is believed that Leonte has racked up around 65,000 euros in debt through unpaid rent, loans and employees' salaries

The central government's representative in the province, María Gámez, has told Guardia Civil officers involved in the search for missing Romanian woman, Dana Leonte, to use "all means" available in the search for her in the Axarquía.

Speaking about the investigation into the disappearance of the 31-year-old mother of one on Tuesday, Gámez urged investigators to use whatever resources they have available to find clues that might lead to her discovery.

Two police dogs have been brought in from Seville to search the area around a house in Arenas which Dana shares with her partner, Sergio Ruíz. DNA samples have been found to match that of Dana's in an area of land near the property, which officers say had recently been moved. However, no concrete evidence has been found to date.

Ruíz reported Leonte missing on 12 June and has maintained since then that she has returned to Romania following a series of threats she had been receiving related to mounting debts.

It has emerged that Leonte owes around 50,000 euros in unpaid rent, loan repayments and employees' salaries. She allegedly owes a further 15,000 euros to a friend, who has been demanding she pay him back since his wife found out about the debt.

Leonte has lived in Spain for 15 years, of which 12 have been in the Vélez-Málaga area. She has always worked in the hospitality industry and opened a new bar in Vélez-Málaga around two months ago.

Her brother, Florin Leonte, who also lives in the Axarquía, insists that his sister "would never abandon her baby," and that it is impossible for Dana to have left the country as her travel documents aren't up to date.