Good news for some expats as Andalucía restarts pay-in public healthcare scheme

UK Nationals can now join the scheme.
UK Nationals can now join the scheme. / SUR
  • UK Nationals who do not receive healthcare through work will now be able to access public healthcare by joining the scheme.

The Andalusian public health service confirmed this week that the 'Convenio Especial', a monthly pay-in scheme that gives access to public healthcare, is once again active across the region.

The reintroduction of the 'Convenio Especial' means that UK Nationals who are resident in Andalucía but do not get healthcare by working or claiming a pension, can access public healthcare by joining this scheme. People who have not yet registered for residency can also use their registration on the 'Convenio Especial' as proof of healthcare for residency applications.

The scheme was put on hold in July 2018 following the introduction of the Royal Decree for Universal Healthcare. For many early-retirees who were in the process of registering for residency, the 'Convenio Especial' was an important access route to healthcare cover in Spain and a vital part of their residency paperwork. For more information see the 'blog' section of the website,