A study confirms that enough traffic would use a second eastern ring road round Malaga

  • The analysis, carried out by the Madrid consulting firm Trn Taryet, predicts that 38,000 vehicles a day would use the motorway if it opened by the year 2027

A new eastern ring road around Malaga city and the Rincón de la Victoria area would be used by enough traffic to justify its construction and it could even be financed through toll fees, says a study carried out for Malaga council to analyse whether the new bypasses planned two years ago would be viable.

The study, carried out by the Madrid consulting firm Trn Taryet, came up with positive results for the two stretches which were deemed to be a priority in 2017. One, 28 kilometres in length, would link the eastern bypass at Chilches with the second ring road, east of the junction with Las Pedrizas toll motorway. The study predicts that it would be used by 37,991 vehicles a day if it opened by 2027.

The analysis also predicted demand if this were a toll road, similar to others in the area. In this case, it would be used by 14,175 vehicles a day, or 19,459 if the toll fees were reduced by half.

The study also looked at the other ring road which is considered a priority, to improve traffic flow in the Guadalhorce area. This would be 21 kilometres long and would connect the Hiperronda with Fuengirola, bordering Alhaurín de la Torre to the north and with a large tunnel through the Sierra de Mijas. In this case, 57,410 vehicles a day are predicted to use it by 2027. If it were a toll road with charges similar to others in the area, the number of vehicles would drop to 20,963, but that would rise to 25,477 if the toll charges were reduced by half.

The study considers a new eastern motorway and a road to link the Hiperronda with Fuengirola and Mijas should be a priority, due to the constant increase in use of the existing motorways which is predicted in future years.