Police bring down gang of burglars who stole house keys from cars

Some of the property recovered as part of the operation.
Some of the property recovered as part of the operation. / SUR
  • Seven arrests have been made in connection with a dozen burglaries carried out across the Costa del Sol

Seven people (six men and one woman), aged from 30 to 52, have been arrested in connection with a string of burglaries across the Costa del Sol.

This is the result of an investigation, known as 'Operación Fair', which began in March after several burglaries were found to have factors in common. Burglars had removed cash and jewellery while the occupants were not home, but left very few traces of their meticulous search.

The thieves used sophisticated lock-picking techniques on vehicles parked at water parks or the beach and, less commonly, at hospitals. Once inside, they would take house keys left in the vehicle then consult the vehicle documents in the glove compartment to find the address.

They then moved quickly, taking advantage of the time their victims were out enjoying themselves, and then returned the house keys to the cars.

Following the arrests and the subsequent search of various properties, 37 kilos of marijuana, 16,000 euros in cash, tools used for carrying out burglaries and jewellery were all recovered.

Some of the stolen property has already been returned to their owners but it is suspected that some victims are still unaware that they have been burgled, given how meticulously the thieves went through their property.