Five-year-old British child drowns in pool

Local police at the property.
Local police at the property. / E. C.
  • The boy was on holiday with his family in La Viñuela when he was found unresponsive in the swimming pool

A five-year-old British boy died after falling into his grandparents' swimming pool in Los Romanes near La Viñuela on Thursday morning. The boy apparently did not know how to swim.

The child had been on holiday with his family, who were eating breakfast when they lost sight of him. He was found unresponsive in the pool.

Local Police were responding to a call nearby and were first to arrive at the scene, on Calle Las Coberteras in the village.

Officers called for further assistance on finding the boy unconscious and an ambulance and helicopter were sent to the incident.

However, despite attempts to revive the child, emergency services were unable to save the boy's life.

The child's grandparents have lived in Los Romanes for more than 30 years. Their son, the boy's father, grew up in Spain, before moving to the UK. The parents also have a two-month-old daughter who was at the house.

This is the eleventh death of a child by drowning in Spain this year. Seven of the incidents have happened in private swimming pools.