AECC gives a 39,500-euro grant for research into a rare cancer

Rueda, Aguilar, Puyol and Herrera, at the presentation.
Rueda, Aguilar, Puyol and Herrera, at the presentation. / SUR
  • The project is being carried out by Bernardo Herrera, a urologist at the Clínico hospital, and researchers in other parts of Europe

The Spanish Association against Cancer (AECC) has awarded a 39,500-euro grant to researcher Bernardo Herrera, a urologist at the Clínico hospital, to carry out research into an uncommon type of urological cancer (upper urothelial tumour).

This research is part of a European project called MOLCARUTUC, which is being carried out by an international consortium from Spain, the Netherlands, France and Germany.

The research groups, working together and in coordination, are planning to study this type of cancer and its recurrence in the development of bladder cancer.

The AECC's director of research, Marta Puyol; the president of the provincial board of the AECC in Malaga, Francisco Aguilar; and the president of the technical committee of AECC in Malaga and oncologist, Antonio Rueda, officially presented the grant to Bernardo Herrera at an event held at the Carmen Thyssen Museum in Malaga recently.

Bernardo Herrera is co-researcher at the IBIMA-CNIO genitourinary tumours unit and the head of the line of research into urothelial cancer and advanced therapies. This is an uncommon type of cancer (one or two cases per 100,000 people) and prognosis is bad after sugery due to its aggressiveness, because it is an invasive cancer. For that reason strategies need to be developed to improve diagnosis and reduce the risk of a tumour appearing again in the bladder following surgery.

Dr Herrera explained that MOLCARATUC is a unique and large-scale multi-centre European project, which is analysing the molecular characteristics of upper urothelial cancer. "Personally and on behalf of the whole team, I would like to thank the AECC and its local branch in Malaga for its support and financing of this project," he said.

Marta Puyol explained that "it is a priority for the AECC to support clinical research projects without any commercial interest and with a clear focus on improving the treatment and the lives of patients with cancer".

Francisco Aguilar made the point that "it is a matter of pride that Malaga supports major research of this type and that the AECC contributes to it," while Antonio Rueda explained that the money will be a great help in financing the project of a young researcher and doctor from Malaga who is also a specialist in urology.