Torremolinos introduces service for those affected by Diogenes syndrome

  • The condition is characterised by compulsive hoarding of rubbish in the home

Torremolinos town hall has initiated a new service that will address the problem of Diogenes syndrome, a condition characterised by compulsive hoarding of rubbish in the home.

Also known as senile squalor syndrome, people suffering from this disorder are often solitary individuals and the elderly, many of whom live in severe domestic squalor.

Several cases of the condition have come to light in the town recently so the Social Services department has joined forces with the municipal cleaning services and the local police and fire authorities in an attempt to prevent risks to health and hygiene.

A special helpline has been set up so that neighbours and relatives can report potential cases.

The new service offers help to people affected by the disorder and will include the removal of accumulated rubbish and the disinfection of properties, while also offering special treatment and monitoring for those suffering with the disorder.