Police officers talk down Briton threatening to jump from balcony of an apartment building in Alhaurín el Grande

Picutre of the property where the man was found.
Picutre of the property where the man was found. / SUR
  • After 90 minutes talking to him in English with the help of a neighbour, the man returned inside and had to be sedated so medics could check him

Four Local Police officers in Alhaurín el Grande took part in a call out late last month that went from being routine to a complete test of their psychological and negotiation skills.

A British national was threatening to jump from the balcony of a second-floor apartment and the coaxing of the police for an hour and a half led to a happy ending to the drama; the man was taken, safe and sound, to hospital.

The incident began when residents noticed their neighbour's unusual behaviour on the balcony and called police. A two-officer patrol arrived and tried to calm the man down, but with everything they tried the tension grew worse with the man, shouting in English, threatening to attack them or to jump. Having asked for reinforcements, two more officers arrived.

One of the officers spoke English relatively well and was gradually able to relax the man and gain his trust. Seeing the man was wearing a T-shirt of a rock band, the officer started to talk about their musical tastes.

Reaching out with his hand, the officer eventually managed to make contact, taking hold of his left arm. In the meantime, different people had started to arrive.

Several neighbours gathered down below also helping, including the owner of the apartment that the man was renting. The man slowly recovered his composure, sitting down first on a seat on the terrace then back inside the apartment.

However he became unsettled again when medics tried to examine him and the officers were forced to restrain him so he could be sedated.