Owner reported after leaving dog in a car for nine hours

The rough collie.
The rough collie. / CHARO MÁRQUEZ
  • After various calls to police a nearby resident opened the car to find the animal dehydrated and in its own urine

Local Police in Marbella have reported a 47-year-old Swedish national of Ukrainian origin for an infringement against animal protection after she left her dog in a car unattended for nine hours.

The dog, a rough collie, was left inside a Volvo close to El Capricho shopping centre and was first spotted on Saturday at around 9am by a local resident. She checked that the car's windows were left open, that the car was in the shade and that the dog had water available.

When she passed the area again at around midday, the dog was still there and it was at this point that she decided to call the police who, in turn, informed Sanidad Veterinaria (the authorities responsible for animal health).

On arrival, they tried to read the animal's chip without success. But having seen that the dog was calm and that the windows were partially open, they decided to wait for the owner's return.

The woman who first raised the alarm left the scene content that the situation was being taken care of. However, when she returned at around 6pm, she found the dog was still in the car, this time in full sun and its water had run out.

Because of this she decided to take action and opened the car, which wasn't locked, and told the police again who this time took the dog to the Triple A animal shelter.

She told them that the dog was dehydrated, trembling and covered in its own urine after more than nine hours in its cage.

The Local Police were then able to identify the owner who said that she had forgotten that she'd left the dog in the car. The woman who alerted the police has also reported the owner.