Two more big police operations on Costa deal blow to narcotraffickers

The speedboat was found in a rural near Malaga.
The speedboat was found in a rural near Malaga. / ÑITO SALAS
  • In the second of these Guardia Civil operations last week, offices raided a farm building seizing a powerboat of the sort used in smuggling

The Guardia Civil last week carried out two operations on the Costa linked to drugs and seized a shipment of 4,000 tonnes of hashish.

In total, 17 people have been arrested in the latest blows dealt to the highly-organised smuggling gangs in the area.

The first operation took place on 30 May at around 11pm in Marbella when officers stopped two vans while 121 bails of hashish were being loaded into them, with a total weight of four tonnes.

Fourteen people were arrested as a result with the help of National and Local Police.

In the second success, on 31 May, five people believed to be involved in the financing of drugs gangs were held in nine raids in Malaga and Ceuta.

Three raids were in Malaga city; in a solicitors in the centre, a house in Puerto de la Torre and a farm in the Carlinda area.

The last site was the most important as there were several buildings to be searched.

The investigators forced one door to find a fully-equipped speedboat of the type used in drug smuggling.

The investigation is ongoing.