New court investigation complicates Nozal's bid to be mayor of Mijas

Ángel Nozal.
Ángel Nozal. / SUR
  • The investigation is looking into potential irregularities in the granting of sports subsidies

A court investigation into possible irregularities in the granting of sports subsidies threatens to complicate local PP leader Ángel Nozal's already difficult bid to be invested as mayor of Mijas next week.

The former mayor, who won the recent election but needs support from other groups, was called in to a Fuengirola court for questioning on Thursday, along with the PP spokesperson Mario Bravo, who is also under investigation.

This is the eighth court inquiry open against Nozal, whose party won nine seats, but would need the help of Ciudadanos, led by acting mayor Juan Carlos Maldonado, to be invested. While on a national level Cs has said that the PP is its "preferred partner", Maldonado, who has previously called for Nozal's resignation due to alleged corrupt practice inquiries, is unlikely to instruct his councillors to vote for him.

The option of Nozal resigning from politics to leave the way clear for a council run by a PP mayor supported by Ciudadanos gains strength.