The building in which the events occured.
The building in which the events occured. / SUR

Bodies of two young people found in a flat in Mijas

  • Police are investigating the deaths of a Finnish man and woman who are thought to have been dead for several days

The Guardia Civil are investigating the deaths of two people, a 26 year-old woman and a 36 year-old man, both of Finnish origin, whose bodies were found in a flat in the Mijas area on Thursday afternoon.

It is thought that the bodies could have been there for at least three or four days, before being found at 1.15pm in an apartment block on calle Río Retortillo, in Las Lagunas, Mijas.

Neighbours alerted the police after being concerned by a strong smell coming from the property.

Police initially considered the possibility that the woman had been murdered because of the stains of blood found in the flat. However, after removing the bodies, investigators believe that the deaths could be drug-related.

Interviews with neighbours have provided more information about the pair. Primarily, it was thought that the two individuals were a couple, but neighbours' testimonies state that the woman lived in the property, not with the man, but with her boyfriend, who is of a similar age to the woman.

According to one neighbour, the younger man was seen entering the property on Wednesday. However given the stage of decomposition, the victims must have already been dead when he entered the building. The man has still not been located.

An autopsy was due to be carried out Friday in Malaga, which should make clearer the events that caused the deaths of the two victims.