Five operators lead the province's supermarket sector

Mercadona supermarket.
Mercadona supermarket. / SUR
  • Mercadona, Carrefour, Día, Supersol and the Malaga company MasKom account for 67 per cent of the sales of fast-moving consumer goods in Malaga

In Malaga province there were 660 consumer goods stores (selling food, perfumes, drug store items) in 2018, managed by different operators or distribution chains, some of which work under several names. These stores cover a total area of 482,551 square metres. The sector, which is facing a major transformation due to the need to adapt to online shopping, is clearly led in Malaga province by Mercadona, Carrefour, Día, Supersol and MasKom, which account for 67 per cent of FMCG (Fast Moving Consumer Goods), according to a study carried out by the Retail Data consultancy.

Retail Data is a portal which generates commercial, sociodemographic and economic data for the retail sector, with information in real time. It is run by Raquel Segura, who points out that the retailer MasKom, in fifth place with 49 stores, accounts for nearly eight per cent of the existing sales of FMCG in Malaga province. "This operator grew by about 8.5 per cent last year, thanks to the opening of two big supermarkets," he says.

The leader of the supermarket sector in the province, as well as nationally, is Mercadona, owned by entrepreneur Juan Roig. It grew by 1.7 per cant in 2018 compared with the previous year, despite maintaining the same number of stores (88). This is because it has reformed and expanded some of its stores. In fact, its overall shopping space has gone from 117,586 square metres in 2017 to 119,617 last year, so it accounts for 24.79 per cent of the total supermarket shopping space in the province, placing it at the top of the Retail Data list. Mercadona, which has 4,970 employees in the province, ended 2018 at a national level with a six per cent increase in turnover to 24.3 billion and 1,636 stores.

Second place is held by Carrefour, with 41 stores in the province, three more than in 2017, and a shopping space of 58,454 square metres, which is 12.11 per cent of the total. In Malaga, the company Costasol Hipermercados, which is managed by Aurelio Martín, has been working with the French brand since 1997. The CEO of Carrefour España is Eric Uzan.

It is followed on the list by Día, which is currently undergoing a restructuring process. Its executive in Spain is Borja de la Cierva. It is owned by different shareholders, including LetterOne, whose VTO for the chain has been accepted by 57.41 per cent of the shares. Via this route, the company is controlled by Russian investor Mikhail Fridman, who now has 69.76 per cent of its capital. Día has 107 stores in Malaga province and a shopping space of 57,177 square metres. According to Retail Data, it ended 2017 with one store less, but still maintained a share of 11.85 per cent.

Fourth place is held by Supersol, owned by the Lithuanian Máxima -the CEO is Vygintas Sapokas. It has 59 stores, one less than the previous year, and a shopping space of 49,837 square metres (10.33 per cent). As mentioned above Maskom, owned by Sergio Cuberos, is in fifth place.

Raquel Segura points out that the market in Malaga is highly fragmented, because some of the chains work under several different names.