Man critically injured after prolonged attack by pack of stray dogs on industrial estate

Police photograph the first bitch to be trapped.
Police photograph the first bitch to be trapped. / SUR
  • The animals surrounded the victim, biting him repeatedly, and police arriving on the scene had to fire gunshots to scare them away

A 30-year-old man was in a critical condition in a Malaga hospital this week after being attacked by a pack of dogs on wasteground on an industrial estate on the outskirts of the city.

The attack took place at about 2am on Sunday morning when police received reports of several dogs mauling a person. The attack was still going on by the time a patrol car arrived.

Officers found the man on the ground surrounded by five dogs that wouldn't let go of him. They tried sounding the horn of the vehicle to scare off the dogs but without success and one officer got out and fired shots into the air.

Although the dogs stopped biting, it took several more shots before they ran off into scrubland.

The victim, from Bulgaria, was virtually naked and had severe wounds all over his body.

A worker on the Santa Teresa estate has since come forward saying he was attacked the Friday before but had managed to get on to the side of a passing lorry to escape and was less seriously hurt. Others in the area say the pack are strays, but quite territorial, and frequently chase after passing vehicles and scavenge in bins.

Police have now managed to round up the dogs but none are believed to be dangerous breeds.

The first to be caught by lasso was a crossbreed Malinois bitch, which at the time was believed to be the mother of the pack. Later the other four were found. Another with two large puppies was then identified as the oldest bitch. A male, a black dog and the most aggressive, was caught last using lassos and nets.