Ojén town hall removes monument dedicated to Nazi after seven months

The space, left, which was occupied by the monument.
The space, left, which was occupied by the monument. / Josele-Lanza
  • The monolith bore the name of Juan Hoffman who previously had that honour removed from the square and school

A monument which bore the name of Juan Hoffman has finally been removed in Ojén. This comes seven months after the town hall unanimously decided to change the name of the square to Plaza Alemania, which is situated opposite of the German School, founded by Hoffman himself and which for years also took his name.

During his life, Hoffman was known on the Costa del Sol as the German consul in Malaga and the school's founder. However, research carried out by the Spanish-German historian Carlos Collado Seidel brought to light Hoffman's past and revealed that he had in fact been an agent of the Gestapo and the SS.

Hoffman acted as an interpreter, first in the Condor Legion, a unit sent by Hitler to assist in the Spanish Civil War, and then in the Blue Division (División Azul), a favour returned by Franco to assist the Nazis in their Soviet invasion.

According to the mayor of Ojén, José Antonio Gómez, the delay in the statue's removal is owed to some type of logistical complication.