No-confidence vote ousts mayor before upcoming election

Ledesma (seated left) watches Teresa Sánches (right).
Ledesma (seated left) watches Teresa Sánches (right). / FERNANDO TORRES
  • In an explosive council meeting in Alhaurín el Grande, Teresa Sánchez took over from Antonia Ledesma after a court had intervened to force the vote

A court sentence, two clarification requests, various legal reports, an order to comply and a final ultimatum from a judge. All this was needed for a no-confidence vote in Alhaurín el Grande's mayor to be carried out that was started then stopped in January 2017.

Last Saturday, the Guadalhorce valley town closed a chapter in its political history with the voting down of the mayor, Antonia Ledesma. Ledesma had taken over as mayor for right-leaning Por Alhaurín in 2016 - although later passing back with her councillors to the conservative PP whip.

The court had ordered the no-confidence vote be finally carried out after the original one was suspended by Ledesma in a complicated row over voting procedure. One of Ledesma's councillors had defected away from the party and had joined with left-wing parties to give a majority against the sitting mayor.

The vote finally went ahead last Saturday, over two years later, in an explosive atmosphere in the council chamber. The Izquierda Unida's Teresa Sánchez has now taken over as mayor.

Sánchez said. " This [outgoing] administration is heir to a council condemned in the courts for corruption."

The new mayor will be in power for only a short period ahead of the 26 May municipal elections.