Alleged serial rapist snared by selfie shots and good detective work

Bike mentioned by witnesses.
Bike mentioned by witnesses. / SUR
  • A 28-year-old man has been held without bail for almost four years on suspicion of robbery and sexual attacks that put fear into a part of Malaga

Police in Malaga have revealed how they snared a suspected robber and serial rapist that terrorised the Teatinos area of Malaga in summer 2015. Investigators believe he was involved in around 100 robberies in the underground car parks of blocks of flats and four sexual attacks on women inside them. The 28-year-old has been held without bail for almost the four-year legal limit and could be released in September if a trial doesn't start. The complexity of the case is believed to be behind the delay.

Some 100 police were involved in the search in 2015 which caused widespread alarm and investigators had faced a dead end in their inquiries. Although they had a main suspect, there was no way of tracing him or proving involvement.

However the suspect unwittingly led officers to him by two photographs he posted on social media giving away important clues.

In the first selfie, the man is shown next to a red-striped bike taken soon after one of the attacks and matching a description by witnesses. In the second shot, the suspect appeared in a lift. Investigators were able to trace the location from the serial number and manufacturer to an address that he once occupied. The bike was found locked on a roof terrace, along with some effects allegedly from the robberies. A friend led investigators to the suspect's new address for the arrest.

One witness, a worker at a petrol station, had said that the suspect had bought a bottle of Pepsi one night of the attacks, whereas investigators knew he preferred Coke. One single bottle of Pepsi was found next to several Coke bottles on a search of his home with the same batch number as those on sale in the petrol station.