Local and regional politicians revisit Río Chíllar control plans after latest rescue

Emergency services were called to search for missing Swedish tourists.
Emergency services were called to search for missing Swedish tourists. / E. C.
  • A 34-year-old woman called the emergency services after she and five girls were unable to find their way back to the start of the river as night fell

Last Sunday's rescue of a 34-year-old woman, along with her three daughters and two nieces, from the Río Chíllar in Nerja has once again brought to the fore the lack of control or safety measures at the popular beauty spot.

Swedish tourist, Daniela Cárdenas, and the five girls aged between 11 and 15, are the latest in a long list of people who have been rescued from the river in the last 10 years as Nerja town hall and Andalucia's regional government, the Junta de Andalucía, continually fail to put in place any kind of control.

Cárdenas and her family, who were on holiday in Nerja, set out at around 6pm on Saturday evening last week, having been told about the river by the woman's brother.

At around 9pm the group decided to head back as it was getting dark. However, they were unable to find the path they had taken and, wearing flip-flops, it became too difficult for them to walk.

Despite poor mobile phone coverage, Cárdenas managed make contact with the emergency services who organised a search involving Guardia Civil, civil protection officers and Malaga's mountain rescue team. After spending the night on one side of the Chillar river, the group managed to attract the attention of the search and rescue helicopter.

They were guided back to the start of the river, where emergency vehicles were waiting for them. None of the group needed medical attention, although some of the girls had a few minor cuts and bruises.

A Guardia Civil officer took the opportunity to remind people planning to visit the area to wear suitable shoes.