The famous Larios statue is back and now faces the street he built

The statue is lowered into place.
The statue is lowered into place. / S.Salas
  • A complete restoration of the work was carried out as part of pedestrianisation of sections of the Alameda in the centre of Malaga

The famous statue of the Second Marquess of Larios is back on its pedestal, gleaming after a complete restoration.

The well-known landmark at the junction of the Alameda and Calle Larios in Malaga was taken down last October as part of pedestrianisation and landscaping work linked to the extension of the city's metro. Previously the pedestal was a few metres further south but has been moved to accommodate a new vehicle route

For the first time, the statue now faces straight on to Calle Larios, the main shopping street that his family paid for in the nineteenth century. It used to face west instead of north and the change has met with the disapproval of a descendent of the sculptor. "The marquess will always have his face in the shade now," she said.