Joining forces to make Marbella an even better place for everyone to live

Local Marbella residents who attended last year's event.
Local Marbella residents who attended last year's event. / SUR
  • The fourth annual United Nationalities Marbella Summit on 14 May will see residents putting their heads together to improve the town

A community forum to help improve the lives of local residents is being held in Marbella on Tuesday 14 May.

The fourth annual United Nationalities Marbella Summit is a free event which will focus on what the 137 different nationalities who live in the town can do to help each other make it a better place.

Hosted by TV and radio presenter Nicole King, the meeting is an opportunity for locals to share new ideas and network.

Previous events have seen the successful introduction of schemes such as the Zero Hero campaign, where 13 bars and restaurants in Marbella now give free soft drinks to "designated drivers".

Speaking to SUR in English, Nicole King said: "We have 147 nationalities living in Marbella and some of the most privileged brains on the planet getting together to brainstorm and ensure that we keep Marbella up to the standard we've all come to expect, which is why we need you there!"

This year's event will include progressing the Zero Hero campaign, making Marbella more sustainable, supporting isolated community members and improving the interaction between businesses and charities.

Nicole added that this year the event will focus on improving the lives of teenagers in Marbella.

She explained: "Marbella now has a reputation not just for sun, sea and beautiful homes, but also for fabulous schools, making it an ideal town for families. This is true with perhaps the exception of our teens. This year's summit aims to address the creation of; suitable hang out spaces, non-alcoholic discotheques, other suitable activities and cultural events for this age group."

A number of dignitaries will also be present at the event including the British Consul for Malaga, Charmaine Arbouin, the mayor of Marbella, Ángeles Muñoz, and the Danish Consul for Malaga, Marisa Moreno Castillo.

In addition, the charities Triple A, Age Concern and Debra, will also have stands at the event and other voluntary groups will attend.