Budget for women's information centres has risen to nearly 13 million

  • The centres provide assistance to women in general, but particularly those that are victims of gender violence

Women's information centres in many municipalities (CMIMs) in the province will receive nearly 13 million euros in 2019 to provide further assistance to women in general, but especially the victims of gender violence. The grants paid by the Andalusian institute for women (IAM) to town halls and other authorities for maintaining the 174 centres for women amount to 8.5 million euros, the same as last year, but there will be a further 4.2 million from the cross-party agreement against gender violence, raising the total to more than 12.7 million euros.

"It is so important that all women have access to a centre for information, advice and assistance for victims, with qualified staff, in every municipality in Andalucía, and that is why we are creating and reinforcing new centres of this type," says Rocío Ruíz, the Minister for Equality, Social Policies and Conciliation. She says these funds will mean that any council, no matter how small the village, that wants to provide this service will be able to do so.

"These initiatives are very satisfying, especially as this is something we have been able to put into effect right from the moment we started to govern in Andalucía," she says.