Torremolinos awards contract to repair the roof of historic property

Members of the Barrabino family outside the property.
Members of the Barrabino family outside the property. / SUR
  • The two-month project to repair the roof of the nineteenth-century Casa de María Barrabino in the centre of the town will cost 137,735 euros

The Casa de María Barrabino is emblematic of the project to regenerate the centre of Torremolinos. It has been empty for two decades and is sadly very deteriorated, but was once an elegant example of the tastes of the nineteenth century bourgeoisie Malaga residents.

Maríia Barrabino had also contributed to the changing face of Torremolinos. She donated large pieces of the land (which at the time covered most of the town centre and surroundings) she had inherited, including the site on which Madre del Buen Consejo church is built.

Although blind, she was comfortably well off and devoted her life to charitable works.

The last occupant of the house, Lourdes, one of María's two daughters, died in 1997 and the house has remained empty since.

The town hall acquired it from the family in 2017 in a near ruinous state. Water had seeped in through the roof and facade and put in danger the frescoes that decorate the walls.

The town plan recognised the building as having a high architectural value and of special importance to the heritage of the town being one of the few houses remaining from that era.

The work to repair the roof has been prioritised to stop the further deterioration of the building and safeguard the structure. Further works will be carried out to restore the building, conserving as many of its original architecture as possible and only substituting those features that cannot be saved.

The property will then be incorporated into part of the newly-pedestrianised Plaza Costa del Sol with the proposed demolition of shops and offices that stand between the house and the plaza.