Defence lawyers for the land owner request a meeting between their client and Julen’s father

Julen's father and mother.
Julen's father and mother. / Migue Fernandez
  • There are certain points that need clarification in a face-to-face meeting

As expected, the lawyers representing David Serrano, the owner of the land in Totalán where Julen suffered a fatal fall into a borehole, have taken advantage of the time given by the judge investigating the youngster’s death to decide whether they wish new evidence to be considered in the case. The response from Lawbird Legal Services, who are representing Serrano, has been affirmative and they have asked for a face-to-face meeting between their client and Julen’s father, José Roselló.

This is in the document which the lawyers have sent to the judge, arguing that there appear to be differences between the statements made by both men to the Guardia Civil and the court. They refer to some statements by Roselló, which do not make it clear whether Serrano advised them to be careful about the wells on the land when they arrived, or half an hour later.

The legal firm also says Julen’s father corroborated the fact that their client had covered the well with blocks of concrete. These points, among others, are matters they want to clarify in a face-to-face meeting.